Hidden jewel in Budapest 

 Hot thermal springs in the heart of Hungary’s capital




Emerald Tubes and a Salty Strike

16 awesome photos from the salty strike mission that claimed the lives of at least three boards.



Let your soul shine in the Sunshine

How to help others by taking care of you

Source: FtPrint contributor Erica Lee





Want a taste of van life?

Healthy and delicious cheesy vegan tacos

Source: FtPrint Contributors  “The Nomadic Movement”



Mystery at Sea

Hundreds of sea turtles found dead

Source: CBC News




5 ways to put your best ftprint forward

Minimize your impact while traveling

Source: Leconte



Safety first!    

What you should know about regulators when diving in cold water.



The Sea needs our help

Watch a stunning documentary about the effect of plastic on the world’s oceans.



Kahuna Uli’s RX

H2O Mohito
Benefits of fresh mint

Source: FtprintMedia original content


Surfer Girls = Wonder Women!

Girls in Bangladesh defy tradition with a surfboard. 

Source: PBS News on YouTube


5 Best Dive Destinations

 Find your next dive here on the Cyber Coast



Save the Sea 

Be a Sea Shepherd. 




Surf: winter motivation goals   

How to embrace winter waves

Source: SurfGirl Magazine   


Dive: the Red Sea

Awesome underwater video from the Red Sea near Egypt

Source: YouTube- Eastanubis


Surf: A flying surfboard?– Video 

Watch the series and learn how hydrofoils work 

Source: youtube

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