Kahuna Uli’s RX

 Kahuna Uli,

a.k.a. The Blue Kahuna

Prescriptions for the coastal soul.

Tribal medicine is based on the belief that we are part of nature, and health is a matter of balance. So, here on Kahuna Uli’s RX you will find a variety of prescriptions to uplift and balance the mind, body and soul. 



H20 Mohito:

Fresh mint (to taste)
Crushed ice
Filtered water

Slap mint to activate and place in bottom of glass.
Fill glass 3/4 full of crushed ice and top with filtered water.

Health benefits of fresh mint:

Aids digestion
Aids weight loss
Treats headaches
Treats nausea
Prevents memory loss
Prevents and treats respiratory disorders
Reduces seasonal allergies
Reduces depression and fatigue
Improves oral health
May prevent and treat cancer


Into the Blue

Style and interior design focus on whitespace. If there is not enough whitespace, things are cluttered and disheveled, but clean it up, add some white surfaces and voila, instant chic.

In my world, it’s bluespace. I need to see sky, water, Mother Earth. When I get lost in my head, the only thing that calms me and brings me back to center is bluespace. Sometimes through a windshield, sometimes on a beach and, when necessary, on my computer screen. Images of the sea and sky sooth my nerves and bring me back to the present moment. They remind me that no matter where I’m at in my life, Mother Earth is still there for me, my rock, my home, my space.

Get the Blues!

I refuse to refer to depression as “the blues.” For me, blue is the color of happiness and freedom. It is not the color of that spirit sucking void, a.k.a. depression. When I’m depressed, I feel colorless, lifeless, grey. Bluespace has always helped me combat “the greys.” I recently found a study that validates my need for bluespace. In the U.K. researchers found “Increased views of blue space are associated with significantly lower levels of psychological distress,” according to Professor Amber Pearson, of Michigan State University, a self-described “health geographer.” Even after considering wealth, age, sex and other factors, the study found views of bluespace associated with improved mental health.

I’ve known that all my life, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by science. Now when I take a “mental health day” at the beach, it’s not just a catchy phrase but an actual prescription.

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Wakeup Water

1 sprig of rosemary
3 mint leaves
1 gallon filtered water

Slap herbs to activate and place in a tea ball or other infuser.
Drop into filtered water at room temperature.
Let steep 2-3 hours.
Remove herbs.
Wakeup Water is best absorbed by the body at room temperature and will keep for at least 5 days if sealed (preferably in a glass container).


Morning rituals have always been an important part of my life. As a true creature of habit, I enjoy certain things at certain times during the day.

For instance, the first thing I do after getting out of bed is to drink a large glass of water, which I began infusing with rosemary and mint after reading an Italian study of residents in the coastal town of Acciaroli near Salerno.

The town’s population is roughly 2,000, but at least 300 of them are already 100 or more with remarkably low rates of disease. The one thing they all have in common? Diets high in rosemary.

That’s enough for me. I love the taste of rosemary and cook with it often. But after reading about my coastal cohorts, I began trying to consume a little bit every day and decided to infuse my morning water. I add a little mint as well, since it also has awesome health benefits and the two taste really good together.