Want to wreck dive in Oahu?

Find the best dive sites, hangouts and accommodations here.




 Paradise in Peril

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is in danger. 




Sharpen your skills

For beginners and beyond. Learn techniques to prepare, paddle out and pop up here on the Cyber Coast. 

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Mermaids are real!

An underwater art that combines freediving and theatre.

Source: Mermaid Melissa on youtube



Flamingo Fun

Watch Carribean Flamingos rock the flock!

Source: Chantal Janina on youtube





Wanna’ be a better surfer?

Improve posture and shoulder flexibility




Wakeboarding across the Carolinas

what a trip!

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Mexico’s Revillagigedo Islands

Prison or paradise? You decide.
Totally isolated and rich in marine life, these islands were once slated to become a prison.  Today; however, they are a United Nations Biosphere Preserve.




Maui Women’s Pro

Watch as Tyler Wright takes home the Women’s world title

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Hidden jewel in Budapest

Hot thermal springs in the heart of Hungary’s capital




Emerald Tubes and a Salty Strike

A salty strike mission that claimed the lives of three boards.




Want a taste of van life?

Healthy and delicious vegan corn chowder

Source: FtPrint Contributors  “The Nomadic Movement”


Mystery at Sea

Hundreds of sea turtles found dead

Source: CBC News



5 ways to put your best ftprint forward

Minimize your impact while traveling

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