The Sea needs our help

Watch a stunning documentary about the effect of plastic on the world’s oceans.

Source: plasticoceans.org


Surfer Girls = Wonder Women!

Girls in Bangladesh defy tradition with a surfboard. 

Source: PBS News on YouTube


Kahuna Uli’s WakeUp Water

 Learn how residents of Italy’s coastal town Acciaroli live longer, healthier lives and how you can as well.

Source: FtPrint Media original content.


5 Best Dive Destinations

 Find your next dive here on the Cyber Coast

Source: scubadivingmagazine.com



Surf: winter motivation goals   

How to embrace
the winter waves

Source: SurfGirl Magazine     



Dive: the Red Sea — video   

Awesome underwater video
from the Red Sea near Egypt

Source: YouTube- Eastanubis



Surf: A flying surfboard?– Video 

Watch the series and
learn how hydrofoils work 

Source: youtube



Explore: the cost of #vanlife

How to budget for
life on the road.

Source: wheresmyofficenow.com


Kahuna Uli’s RX

 H2O Mohito
Benefits of fresh mint

Source: FtprintMedia original content



Surf: Cracking Iceland– video

 The land of fire and ice
with Josh Mulcoy and friends

Source: mulcoysworld.com/videos/




 Dive: Six secrets of buoyancy control

How to remain motionless
without using your hands.

Source: Scubadiving.com



#kindtothecoast: 7 Ways to “leave no trace”

Be kind to the coast and
leave no trace of your visit

Source: Center for outdoor ethics



Surf: 7 tips for cold water surfing

Keep charging waves
while temps drop

Source: realwatersports.com




Dive: 12 reasons women should dive

You aren’t anybody’s
Mommy underwater…

Source: Medium.com/ Melinda Crow